Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nail Polish Love


One thing I love...is freshly manicured nail! I came across this image today and I absolutely LOVE this color! Must have it! A friend of mine blessed me with a few Zoya polishes and I must say....I love them! I will definitely be adding this to my extensive collection very soon!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bedroom Inspiration

I lOVE this bedroom. Too bad the FI doesn't care for this style of decor! Perhaps I can decorate my office like this?!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Home MakeOver Part 1: Kid's Room

I am preparing to decorate our home. I am starting in my son's room. I have painted his room and purchased his bed. Currently shopping for bedding, rug, chest and other accessories. Here are some bedding sets I have found that agree with my vision:

Cool Decorating Idea: DIY Canvas

Lately, I am searching for ideas for my son's room. I came across one blog with tons of inspiration for the entire house.

Check out these DIY canvases! I will DEFINTALY find a way to incorporate this into my son's room! Super cute!


Friday, June 17, 2011

So I went to a party....

I don't get out like I used to but...I do every here and there! Pics from my last night out....

Getting it Together: Skincare

The other day, I realized that I no longer pamper myself the way I used to. A few years ago, I kept my nails, feet and hair fresh. Lately, with school, my FI and son, my job and just life, it is so easy to put those simple tasks on the back burner. So I have decided to pamper ME. If I do not take out time to make sure I am ok...how can I take care of my family!

Well, this brings me to my next point. I get tired of coming to work everyday looking "regular". There was a time I always felt on top of my game. However, I am also not one of those women that can get up and apply make up daily. I also do not like when I get make up on clothing, papers or anything else. So...what's the solution? Clear, blemish free skin. Now this seems impossible for someone like me. Why? I have had acne for as long as I have been able to spell it! There have been two times that I've cleared my skin with the help of medication (Accutane)...but I refuse to take that route again.

What am I going to do about it?
As of late, I have been using Clean and Clear Oil Free cleanser, the toner(occasionally) and either Vitamin E or BoiOil twice a day. I also exfoliate once or twice a week. I have increased my water intake and tried to limit my soda/chocolate intake.

Today I was reading a beauty message board and came across MopTopMaven's Blog with awesome skin care tips. I am considering trying one of the many sugar scrubs she mentions to prepare my skin for summer. I wonder if I will be consistent long enough to achieve results. You have to view this lady's blog...her skin is amazing! Here is what she has to say about her personal skin care regimen:

I received a lot of questions about my skin, so I wanted to list my skin care regimen. - I have VERY acne prone skin that can flare up out of nowhere, so I have to first start off by consuming at least 2 bottles of water a day. If I start slacking on my water intake..."Houston, We Have a Problem"- Also, if I use a hair product that contains insane amounts of Shea Butter, I have to change my pillowcase every few days.

Next; Dermalogica products are really the only products that have consistently given me results. I use their line exclusively, and I haven't tried a Dermalogica product I didn't like. I honestly don't know many lines I can say that about.

As you can see, I have two regimens. I alternate between the two daily; I like to switch between the Dermal Clay Cleanser [this is a heavy duty deep cleanser], and the Clearing Skin Wash [this is a great basic skin cleanser]. So for example, I may use Regimen 1 on Sunday, and Regimen 2 on Monday.

You may also notice that I use the oil cleansing method at night; this is because using Dermalogica night AND day has a tendency to make my face somewhat dry and tight. To eliminate that; I oil cleanse at night, and moisturize my face w/Grapeseed Oil [a wonderful light oil for people who have oil, acne prone skin; this oil acts as a natural astringent].

While her skin is amazing, I am in no rush to run out and by this entire line. I do know that everything does not work for everyone... I will however, try her method with my current product line. If I do not see results soon, perhaps a change will occur!

Welp...let me go grab my first glass of water and get this day started. :-)