Thursday, March 10, 2011

He did WHAT?!

My my how I miss the days when my son was this age.....

Now, he is a nine year old fourth grader that is giving me the BLUES! Over the past few years, we have had our good and our bad times but lately there seem to be more BAD. This little rascal just will NOT behave. It never fails. If I am having a bad day at work or I am not feeling well, I get a call from his school. This is his LAST week at this school and I get a call yesterday that caused my blood pressure to sky rocket. " Hi, Ms. ____ Mom... Guess what your baby did...."

Ok pause. First of all, I am at work. No time for guessing games here. Get it over with please...

"He stole a book from the book fair."

Well....I am angry for several reasons. Here are the biggest two:

1. I can not STAND a thief.
2. All he had to do was ASK for money for the book fair.

My son has been disciplined in the past for similar issues. I am really getting frustrated and I am not certain WHAT to do. I have tried several different methods of disciplining and taking him the difference between right and wrong. The bad part is...he KNOWS that what he is doing is wrong when he does it...and he knows what will happen when he gets home... But he does it.

That part...I do not understand. As a child and at times even as an adult, I am afraid of my mom. :-) I respect her enough to not upset her...when I can avoid it. I just don't understand WHAT I need to do to get through to this child of mine.

Perhaps it is time for some praying and fasting. :-)

You want me to pay HOW much?

My last post, I mentioned deciding on a venue for my wedding/reception next March. Well quite a lot has happened since my last post. Let's see...

1. I had a melt down after feeling I did not have ANY support from my MOH and Mother.
2. Called my FI and told him let's just elope.
3. Decided to have a get married at the courthouse and take dreamy honeymoon.
4. Moved up the date.
5. Got depressed because I wanted SOME form of a wedding
6. Decided on a Destination Wedding/Honeymoon.
7. Decided on the location.
8. Got FREAKIN excited.

When I called my sweetie in tears, he did the best possible thing. He listened. He let me get it ALL out and when I told him I no longer wanted a wedding. After MUCH conversation...we decided that a destination wedding would be best. When I shared the news with friends and family, everyone asked was I sure I wanted to do it that way. Well the answer came when we received the contract from the venue we'd selected before our change of plans. The contract listed a price significantly higher than quoted during our consultation.'s set in stone!

Destination we come! I couldn't be more excited. I have already contacted a travel agent and we plan to pay our deposit to get the ball rolling.

Next up....Engagement pictures! :-)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Special Place for a Special Ceremony

My sweetie and I are currently planning our wedding for March of 2012. I am starting to get really serious about wedding planning and I decided to start with my venue. Early in, I had an idea of this beautiful venue. Although I heard the location was rather expensive, I just had to go and see for myself. Well, I sent an email and received the rate package. The ballroom rented for $1800...not bad right?! I immediately made an appointment for my sweetie and I.

Well when we walked in, I was sold before I even spoke to a sales agent. The decor of the venue even agrees with my colors! It would not have been better. I gave the sales agent a few more details (number of people, type of food, dancing, etc) and sat back to wait for my quote. Well about 2 weeks later, which was rather slow for me, I finally received the quote. I was VERY disappointed to learn that my dream venue was WAY over my wedding budget. We were looking at almost 8K just for my venue and food. What about flowers, photography, attire, video, etc? So...back to the drawing board we went.

I decided to check out our local Racquet Club, a couple of Country Clubs, a local Bontanical Garden, a hotel and a Civic Center. One of these was elimitated right away. Two are still top contenders....

I am STILL waiting to hear back from one of the vendors after calling AND emailing on Monday. Which one will I finalize? I can not wait to see. I am ready to get this portion of planning under my belt so I can start the search for a dress!

Until Later!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ok....Let's get started

I started out blogging about fashion, my first love. Then, I became obsessed with my hair. I decided to blog instead about natural hair. Well, I eventually relaxed my hair and the natural blog was no longer relevant. I decided to anonomously blog about weddings (see first post). That did not work well either. I have finally decided to just post about ME and my life. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a very RANDOM person. It was foolish to expect to stick to one subject as a blogger. I am curious to see how Hot Pink Delicay measures in comparison to the others.

Today has been a LONG day. I just finished my evening chores:
Cooking dinner, loading the dishwasher, and typing a paper for class.
Can you say tired? I would LOVE to blog about the latest development in my wedding planning...but if I do not pay Sweet Honey Man some attention...there will be no wedding to plan. I will return tomorrow to blog about three important son, my new job and my "potential" wedding venue.