Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New year!

I am Looking forward to a year of prosperity and greatness!

Gotta run, but wanted to leave you with this!
Fear less, hope more, eat less, chew more, whine less, breathe more, talk less, say more, hate less, love more, and good things will be yours.

Swedish Proverb

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Love My Animal Print Pumps!

Since starting this plan to document my daily outfits in hopes of enhacing my style, I have noticed a few things. One I shared the other day, I am a little on the country side. HA! Two, animal prints really appeal to me. I hadn't noticed how many animal print pieces I own! The sad thing about this, I want more!

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I am on a bit of a budget. Our wedding was a much larger expense than I realized. Although we did not incur any debt as a result of the wedding, I am STILL trying to bounce back financially. Which means....no shopping. Which TRULY hurts my heart because I am starting to really NEED things. For instance, I have two pair of boots I need repaired. I would really prefer new boots but I suppose I will settle for repairing the boots I own. I am really trying to identify other ways to cut back. I have a goal in mind. Once I reach that goal...I will be headed to the nearest outlet mall!

Fitness update:
I have one good thing to report. I have been consistent with my workouts! With my son out of school, I have been to the gym 2 times this week and I am going again today. The gym is closing early tomorrow..so I will either have to go earlier (if time allows) or settle for P90X when I get home. I do plan to eventually work in two workouts a day. One at home, with P90X, and the second at the gym here at the office. I have discovered that reading (multitasking!) while on the bike or treadmill makes the time..and calories...go by very quickly. I plan to try this on the eliptical today. Let's hope I do not fall off! Ha!

I eventually plan to incorporate weight training as I have gained great results in the past. I am just not sure at what point I want to add it. At any rate... for now...extreme...well for me...cardio to shock my body. I have avoided the scale because I do not want to get discouraged. I will definitely start weighing and measuring to track my progress.

It SEEMS as if the new product is finally starting to work. I will update in a week or so.

Well, back to work I go. I am challenging myself to be super productive these days as I try to master time management. That has ALWAYS been a weakness of mine. :-)


What am I wearing:
Skirt: K&G YEARS ago...actually was a suit
Jacket: Steinmart
Pumps: Jessica Simpson
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Home Decor Inspiration: The Modern Vintage Bathroom

I am still working to develop a plan for the many redecorating projects in my future. Although DH and I were live in's before the marriage, I have not made too many changes to our home. For one, we do not plan to be in this house too much longer. Secondly, all of my time and money has been invested in others things like say..our wedding. :-)

With the wedding behind us, I am ready to dive head first into home decor projects. Yet, I have only found myself overwhelmed. So, I have decided to sit down and create an inspiration board, or sort, to paint a picture of the desired results. Our house is small and yet I am still unsure where to start. Part of this is because there are so many areas that require attention. Another factor in this is my tend to be easily distracted. Which further encourages a plan and visual guide for the overall project.

I have been searching the web for ideas and inspiration. Houzz.com has become a girl's best friend. Today, I stumbled upon some random niche blog with awesome pictures of homes decorated in contemporary and modern decor. DH is partial to the modern/contemporary look. I can go either way but I actually prefer the vintage or traditional look.

When I heard the term "modern vintage" I scratched my head. One would think the term was an oxymoron. However, when I saw these images, my heart skipped a beat.

This one is not modern vintage but simply vintage and it made my heart flutter! :-)

**images courtesy of beinteriordecorator.com**

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Whew! What a Day!

Last night, I observed a post on facebook that deeply troubled me. A former classmate got married a month ago. Yesterday, she lost her husband after one short month of wedded bliss. I was moved to TEARS. So many times I get frustrated or irritated by my husband. After I saw that post, I decided to take a new approach to life. Later for all the silly stuff. Life is too short to be concerned with people and situations that are bring you down. I will also make sure I continue to appreciate my husband and not take him for granted.

Jacket: Old don't remember Dress: Dillards Tights:Target Shoes:Nine West

Today was a VERY busy day..but I did manage to get a picture in. :-)

I had a couple of meetings today so I tried to dress conservatively, yet add some style/funk. A little better than before. I am still working to enhance my personal style.

Well let me get to bed....another full day tomorrow!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

So I had an Epiphany

First of all, sorry for the short time away. I have been quite busy. I graduated Saturday! YAY me! :-)
Other than that, it's just been work and caring for may family. I did however have an epiphany. While getting dressed for church this morning...I realized...My style SUCKS! HA! Let's just keep it real. I often get compliments on my style but I honestly do not see it! When I look in the mirror I see pure D COUNTRY. So...I am going to start a personal challenge to improve my personal style...so please...bear wit me..

Oh and also, I started using a new skin product last week. It is SUPPOSED to be really good for evening your skin tone and preventing breakouts. Well today my hubby was like "What is wrong with your face?!? I have never seen you break out like this!" Now granted, my husband is very blunt to say the least, but he is right, my skin looks horrid. I am hoping this is just the purging phase... I took a before picture to track my progress. You can rest assured that picture will NOT be shared unless I attain some AWESOME results...then I will share the results AND more information on the prodcut.

At any rate, here is my "country" pic of the day. I wore this AFTER church to run some errands and do a little christmas shopping. I kept pulling my cardigan closed... LOL so uncomfortable. :-/

Here is the first set I tried and decided...NAH I better not! Too much going on...

Let's see how my style evolves...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

Today has been very interesting to say the least. I found out that a family friend passed away suddenly. My mood has just not been "right" since. :-/

I did manager to get pictures of my outfit yesterday but I have YET to upload it. I failed to get a pic today.... My mind is just RACING.

I had a few things I wanted to blog about. One being a new skincare product I am using in hopes of clearing up my skin and evening my skintone and another is The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode from last night...but again. I can not get into it.

Although I did not take pictures of what I wore today...here is a idea of what I wore.

But at any rate, I am going to sit here, sip my Riesling and Listen to My Eric Roberson/Goapele mix.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Lucky Magazine January 2012: My review

My name is Ton and I am a fashion magazine junkie! Whenever I stop in the store, I make a special trip over to the magazine section to see if there are any magazines that I don't have yet. I SHOULD subscribe...I used to be subscribed to Lucky but I let it expire. I keep saying that I am going to subscribe again as well as to a couple of others...but you know...I am a procrastinator (hangs head in shame)

So anyway, yesterday I picked up the most recent Lucky Mag. I was a little dissappointed as it was very thin in comparison to other months...What's up with that? But at any rate, although it was not as much inspiration as prior months, I did find a few things to add to my must have list and learned a few things! Check it out:

Did you know there is a site that allows you to design your own shoes?! Maybe I am just late, but I had NO idea! Milk and Honey Shoes allows you to design your own shoe! How cool is that?! It also comes in extended sizes!

Nine West Uplifting Boot:
I LOVE this boot!!

Too bad everywhere I look online it is sold out. The pictures in the magazine is a cognac color and looks much better than the black version.

As I mentioned the other day...I am shopping for a faux fur vest, This one by Armani Exchange is HAWT!
(I actually like it better in black)

I totally ADORE this Sophia Coppola for Louis Vuitton bag. SUPER hot!

There were a few other items that caught my eye but these were by far the show stoppers!

Maxi Skirt Monday

As with most Mondays, I dragged my self out of bed. Going for comfort, I opted for ankle boots, maxi skirt, turtle neck and denim jacket. Oh... And my hair is in my beloved BUN!! :-)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Feature Friday: Cilla B of Fashberries!

Today I found major inspiration over at Fash Berries! Cilla B, the blogger, has amazing style and offers TONS of inspiration! Here are a few of her many fabulous looks that I plan to use as inspiration!
Fash Berries is a great blog if you need style inspiration! Cilla has great style and shops at a variety of shops/sites. Many of her pieces are quite affordable for the "everyday" budget fashionista like myself. Check her out! I sure was pleased!

Casual Friday 12/9/11

As you see, I love animal print anything. The Hubby teases me about it. As I mentioned earlier, my fashion challenge is balancing my "style" with professionslism. My career is on the rise and I do not want make any mistakes to hinder my growth. How do you mix the two?

Plain right? I am working on it. :-)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things I Want: Faux Fur Vest

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Image courtesy of Moptopmaven.com

How hot is this vest? I particularly like how Kelly Rowland is wearing her vest. I have never been into the "furry" pieces but I think I just may have to take a chance on it! While I am SURE Kelly's is a "real" fur vest, I am considering a faux fur vest such as this one:

Check out blogger Tanya from Major Must Have's, her most recent post featured a black fur vest. How hot is that?!

Oscar de la Renta: Pre Fall 2012

If I am honest, for years when somone mentioned this designer, I instantly thought of a fragrance. A fragrance for a little frilly grandmother at that. Well that so isn't so. This designer has some really hot designs! Check out a few flicks the Oscar de la Renta Pre Fall Show! Oh how I love the textures, patterns, ruffles and POPS of color!

Feeling a Little Fiesty

So I spiced it up a bit this morning. :-)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Black, White and Pink

Nothing special, just a sweater and slacks kind of day. Journaling my attire has made me realize how boring my warbrobe is! Perhaps its time to spice it up?!?

Monday, December 5, 2011

A New Book by One of my Favorite Authors!!

Kimberla Lawson Roby has another book coming out, The Reverend's Wife
! I can not wait! I will definitely be preordering this book! :-)

Book Description
Series: A Reverend Curtis Black Novel | Publication Date: May 1, 2012
From New York Times bestselling author Kimberla Lawson Roby comes the ninth installment in her award-winning Reverend Curtis Black series. It's been months since Reverend Curtis learned that his wife Charlotte had affairs with two different men, and for now, he continues to be cordial and respectful to her. But he's also made it clear that once their son Matthew graduates high school, he will be filing for divorce. Charlotte, on the other hand, continues to do everything possible to make amends in hopes of saving their marriage. Unfortunately, Curtis is ready to move on and is being propositioned by a woman who desperately wants to become the next Mrs. Curtis Black. When the situation heads down a path that is frighteningly shocking, could it be the final blow to this once blessed union?

Feeling like fall....

Well I finally got an outfit pic...not tge best. But you get the idea, I will do better going forward.

Please excuse the fat thighs. I started my day with donkey kicks and lunges. I am working on them...I promise. :-)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rainy Day...

Each day I promise myself to snap a pic of my ensemble...I never seem to get the photo...
Well today on a day I did not dress up at all...I get the picture! FIGURES!
Here is my SUPER casual...run out in the rain look... :-/ Oh yea...diet starts tomorrow...excuse the hips! HA!

Dear Santa,

Am I the only one that remembers sitting down with the big Sears wishbook making a list to include with my letter to Santa?! Man those were the days. I really think the children of this generation are missing out on a LOT of things. Sending Santa a text or an email has pretty much replaced the good ole pen and paper.

Well...I really WISH Santa could bring me the following items:

I would LOVE this DSLR Camera...I will likely gift myself this for me graduation gift! :-)

Turbo Fire.... Operation Get it TIGHT and RIGHT in effect. I am considering this purchase and would LOVE to receive it from Santa...man...Santa could you please be real?!?

I need a red bag desperately. This red bag by Chloe would DEFINITELY do the job!

Saw this in a fashion mag a few months ago and fell in love. THEN I saw it on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills...OH how I love it. Stella McCartney Hobo..

Brian Atwood Booties... How can you resist?!? Oh how I wish!

M Missoni... enough said!

More M Missoni! ONE day! I tell ya...ONE day!