Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Purple Pencil Skirt and a "Blue" Mood :-/

I have been SO out of the loop lately. I have not been feeling my best. In addition to feeling a little under the weather, I just feel "unpretty". Ever had those days? Well it is time to snap out of it. I am taking action instead of sitting back feeling sorry for myself.

First...I made an appointment to get my hair done. One thing that has made this second round transitioning to natural hair a little easier is my sew in weaves. In effort to save a little money, I cut back. Well mama needs her mojo back and that I will get Saturday Morning at 9 am.

Second...I am planning to see a dermatologist. My skin reacted terribly to a product I tried in hopes of evening out my skin tone. Not only did the product cause me to break out but the breakouts left even MORE dark spots. So, I am done acting as a dermatologist...to the professionals I go.

Now the last will not be as easy. I terribly need to go shopping. I am in need of boots, slacks and blouses in bright and pretty patterns. I am still trying to create a nice cushion for my family so those shopping excursions are not high on the list anymore. I am not sure HOW I will fix this issue...but in time...I am sure I will be back where I need to be.

At any rate, here I am in my purple pencil skirt, satin floral jacket and favorite Steve Madden Boots. I promise to do better in my photos. I don't want to scare anyone! HA!