Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Random Hair thoughts

OK...so I have ADHD...self diagnosed. But check it out. So, I relaxed and cut my hair October 31 2010 after losing thickness to a medication my physician prescribed. I have been rocking and loving my short cut....but....

There is a void. :-) I am a natural girl at heart! SO.... I am trying to decide WHEN I am going to transition back to natural hair. Here are my choices:

1. After my wedding in October
2. NOW
3. As soon as my back is a little bit longer to withstand a ponytail

I have NO idea how my hair will be for my wedding day... All I DO know is, I can not WAIT to be natural again. With hair as short as mine, the transition should not be very long at ALL. When it's cut, my hair grows very fast. Sad part is, my FI loves my hair cut. Maybe I will rock the cut until I say I do to look special for him on that day....then after the honeymoon....it's all natural baby!

What to do...what to do?!?

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