Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bedroom Inspiration

I have really been focused on home decor lately One of my first orders of business after saying I do in a 2 months will be project HOME. Our place really says "BACHELOR" to anyone that enters.

I am scouring the web and magazines for any inspiration to help shape what will soon be our family home. I came across this photo while browsing over at Modern Moments While the site is dedicated to event planning (which is something I am seriously considering), she posted these beautiful bedroom pics! The images were actually taken in a hotel...but I would love to have this as my bedroom! I am sure FI would veto that! LOL Check them out!



  1. I've been on home redecorating rampage! Those are some nice inspiration pics! Oh, and how exciting that you have 2 months to go! I'm very happy for you, Ton!