Monday, November 28, 2011

Dear Bun,

Dear bun,
I miss you...please come back soon!

(the pictures above are my hair during my last natural hair experience...gosh I miss my buns!)

As I mentioned earlier, I am 6 months into my transition back to natural hair. I was natural for almost three years before taking the plunge and going back to a relaxer Halloween of 2010. It was definitely by force. My doctor put me on Loetrin FE and my hair fell OUT. My hair was also damaged from improper use of henna. Initially, I was not going to relax my hair, I planned to get a blow out and trim allowing my hair to continue growing out gracefully. Well, after a trip to the Dominican salon, that dream was crushed. After suffering severe damage, I decided to go straight to super cuts. I got a short bob which honestly, I could have maintained. My hair was super thick and healthy again. Me and my impatient self could not leave well enough alone, so I got the bright idea to relax.

My hair after the cut, before the relaxer. Why didn't I leave well enough alone?!

After getting the "bright idea", I got a little impatient yet again waiting on my sister, a stylist, to relax my hair. I wanted it done right then. Well, I decided to go ahead and do it myself. I ran out to Sally's and picked up some Lye relaxer and went to town. Things started fine. I got all of the relaxer in my head (which I intantly regretted) and started the smoothing process. I had only done maybe two patches in the very back when I took a look at my comb.!!! Long strands! I put a hand to my head and more hair. I started BAWLING (thank GOD I was home alone) rushed to the sink to rinse it all out. Ran to the BS with a plastic cap and scarf on my head to grab an Aphoghee treatment. The breakage and shedding slowed, but I had NOTICABLE breakage in areas. So...this is what remained the next day.

After seeing a stylist a couple of weeks later, she advised the inevitable. I had to get a cut. A short one. And I am. I have been growing my hair out since June. I have not had a relaxer since and I do not plan to get another. I am currently wearing sewin's but I am feeling the itch to do the big chop...GOSH I miss my natural curls and waves. I learned SO much my first time around, I am super excited to start this natural journey again!

So...BUN...please come back please!

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  1. your natural hair is so gorgeous! And you look so FAB with your new haircut!