Saturday, November 29, 2014

Update: Well Would You Look at That?

Oh my...I am ashamed to post here.  It's been almost three years since I have "shown my face" around these parts. It certainly wasn't intention but I am sure you can understand how life can sometimes just take over.  I am going to try to get back into the swing of things...and hopefully this time "life" stays in her lane.

Let's Get Reacquainted...

January of 2012, when I last posted here, I was loving my natural tresses.  While pregnancy (yes,I snuck a whole human in there) was very kind to my hair, postpartum was a nightmare.  Breastfeeding my son for 8 months postpartum did not make an already bad situation any better.  Just before my son turned one this past April, I cut my hair off and got a relaxer.  I can honestly say I have no regrets about cutting my hair.  IF I were to say I was sorry about anything it would be that I didn't cut it sooner.

Short hair is SO much easier.  If I am having a day when I am feeling frump, I can wash and curl my hair and feel like a million bucks a little over an hour later.  A friend of mine often says that it is not hard to make short hair look good.  I have to agree.  Whether I curl my hair over or under, it still looks chic.  The secret to pulling off a short cut is getting a GOOD cut.  A good cut looks good both curled and flat.

Just as I am still a hair fanatic, I am also still very "weight" conscious.  Notice I said weight and not health.  I am big enough (no pun intended) to admit that although I am very motivated in regard to my workouts, I struggle daily with my diet.  I am in a very passionate relationship with cookies, cake and wine!    In spite of my very persistent sweet tooth, I have managed to lose my baby weight and get a tad smaller than my pre pregnancy weight.  I make an effort to workout at least three times weekly.

Alright, I have provided a brief update of where I am and where I have been.  Let's move forward with fashion, home decorating, marriage, parenting and whatever else crosses my random little mind.

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