Thursday, March 10, 2011

He did WHAT?!

My my how I miss the days when my son was this age.....

Now, he is a nine year old fourth grader that is giving me the BLUES! Over the past few years, we have had our good and our bad times but lately there seem to be more BAD. This little rascal just will NOT behave. It never fails. If I am having a bad day at work or I am not feeling well, I get a call from his school. This is his LAST week at this school and I get a call yesterday that caused my blood pressure to sky rocket. " Hi, Ms. ____ Mom... Guess what your baby did...."

Ok pause. First of all, I am at work. No time for guessing games here. Get it over with please...

"He stole a book from the book fair."

Well....I am angry for several reasons. Here are the biggest two:

1. I can not STAND a thief.
2. All he had to do was ASK for money for the book fair.

My son has been disciplined in the past for similar issues. I am really getting frustrated and I am not certain WHAT to do. I have tried several different methods of disciplining and taking him the difference between right and wrong. The bad part is...he KNOWS that what he is doing is wrong when he does it...and he knows what will happen when he gets home... But he does it.

That part...I do not understand. As a child and at times even as an adult, I am afraid of my mom. :-) I respect her enough to not upset her...when I can avoid it. I just don't understand WHAT I need to do to get through to this child of mine.

Perhaps it is time for some praying and fasting. :-)

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