Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Special Place for a Special Ceremony

My sweetie and I are currently planning our wedding for March of 2012. I am starting to get really serious about wedding planning and I decided to start with my venue. Early in, I had an idea of this beautiful venue. Although I heard the location was rather expensive, I just had to go and see for myself. Well, I sent an email and received the rate package. The ballroom rented for $1800...not bad right?! I immediately made an appointment for my sweetie and I.

Well when we walked in, I was sold before I even spoke to a sales agent. The decor of the venue even agrees with my colors! It would not have been better. I gave the sales agent a few more details (number of people, type of food, dancing, etc) and sat back to wait for my quote. Well about 2 weeks later, which was rather slow for me, I finally received the quote. I was VERY disappointed to learn that my dream venue was WAY over my wedding budget. We were looking at almost 8K just for my venue and food. What about flowers, photography, attire, video, etc? So...back to the drawing board we went.

I decided to check out our local Racquet Club, a couple of Country Clubs, a local Bontanical Garden, a hotel and a Civic Center. One of these was elimitated right away. Two are still top contenders....

I am STILL waiting to hear back from one of the vendors after calling AND emailing on Monday. Which one will I finalize? I can not wait to see. I am ready to get this portion of planning under my belt so I can start the search for a dress!

Until Later!

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