Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dear Santa,

Am I the only one that remembers sitting down with the big Sears wishbook making a list to include with my letter to Santa?! Man those were the days. I really think the children of this generation are missing out on a LOT of things. Sending Santa a text or an email has pretty much replaced the good ole pen and paper.

Well...I really WISH Santa could bring me the following items:

I would LOVE this DSLR Camera...I will likely gift myself this for me graduation gift! :-)

Turbo Fire.... Operation Get it TIGHT and RIGHT in effect. I am considering this purchase and would LOVE to receive it from could you please be real?!?

I need a red bag desperately. This red bag by Chloe would DEFINITELY do the job!

Saw this in a fashion mag a few months ago and fell in love. THEN I saw it on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills...OH how I love it. Stella McCartney Hobo..

Brian Atwood Booties... How can you resist?!? Oh how I wish!

M Missoni... enough said!

More M Missoni! ONE day! I tell ya...ONE day!

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