Sunday, December 18, 2011

So I had an Epiphany

First of all, sorry for the short time away. I have been quite busy. I graduated Saturday! YAY me! :-)
Other than that, it's just been work and caring for may family. I did however have an epiphany. While getting dressed for church this morning...I realized...My style SUCKS! HA! Let's just keep it real. I often get compliments on my style but I honestly do not see it! When I look in the mirror I see pure D COUNTRY. So...I am going to start a personal challenge to improve my personal please...bear wit me..

Oh and also, I started using a new skin product last week. It is SUPPOSED to be really good for evening your skin tone and preventing breakouts. Well today my hubby was like "What is wrong with your face?!? I have never seen you break out like this!" Now granted, my husband is very blunt to say the least, but he is right, my skin looks horrid. I am hoping this is just the purging phase... I took a before picture to track my progress. You can rest assured that picture will NOT be shared unless I attain some AWESOME results...then I will share the results AND more information on the prodcut.

At any rate, here is my "country" pic of the day. I wore this AFTER church to run some errands and do a little christmas shopping. I kept pulling my cardigan closed... LOL so uncomfortable. :-/

Here is the first set I tried and decided...NAH I better not! Too much going on...

Let's see how my style evolves...


  1. Your style is not country. lol I really like pink with cheetah. :) Congrats on your graduation!

  2. Congratulations on your graduation Dear. lovee the burgundry pants and how the shirt complements the colors :)