Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Whew! What a Day!

Last night, I observed a post on facebook that deeply troubled me. A former classmate got married a month ago. Yesterday, she lost her husband after one short month of wedded bliss. I was moved to TEARS. So many times I get frustrated or irritated by my husband. After I saw that post, I decided to take a new approach to life. Later for all the silly stuff. Life is too short to be concerned with people and situations that are bring you down. I will also make sure I continue to appreciate my husband and not take him for granted.

Jacket: Old don't remember Dress: Dillards Tights:Target Shoes:Nine West

Today was a VERY busy day..but I did manage to get a picture in. :-)

I had a couple of meetings today so I tried to dress conservatively, yet add some style/funk. A little better than before. I am still working to enhance my personal style.

Well let me get to bed....another full day tomorrow!